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Polishing the car‘s "eye" lamp knowledge is widespread

Time:2017-07-29 Views:290
Drivers drive safely at night, cannot leave it, it is essential parts of the car, it can improve the safety of drivers driving, it is called "eyes" car lights, car lights role is very big, drivers should attach great importance to the maintenance of the lamp. Next, I will give you some knowledge about car lights, and help you to maintain the lights. 
Always check if the lights are working properly 
Some car drivers like to check their headlights and see if it works. For car drivers, they also need to check their own car lights. It is suggested to check whether the direction of the headlight is offset and the brightness of the light is not enough. 
Replace your car bulbs regularly 
Has your car‘s light bulb changed regularly? Some people think it‘s ok to use a light bulb for a long time, but it‘s wrong. The light bulb will dim for a long time, which will affect the eyes of the driver and it will be dangerous at night. Therefore, once the light bulb becomes dark, or the light of the two light bulbs of the headlights is different, should be replaced early, ensure the driving safety. 
Wash the lampshades regularly 
The car has been used for a long time, and when the rain falls, the lampshade will be covered with ash and soil, which will hurt the lights. Clean the lampshade regularly. 
The lights have problems early maintenance 
Drivers should be aware that this is very important. If there is a big problem with the headlights, such as when there is a crack in the car light, you must go to the repair shop early. 
Lamp is critical for the driver of car parts, lamp if the bad, will affect drivers‘ road safety, serious, accidents will happen, drivers should pay attention to the maintenance of lights, lamp can better service for you, small make up the car headlights knowledge to you, drivers must remember. 
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