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Who is the strongest car lighting source? LED lights are unique

Time:2017-07-29 Views:263
For most of the friends who like the car, the lights are a very good topic. Whether the car of their own "candle", or the way everyone is working "in the dog", or those hundreds of metres away can identify the identity of the high-end models, vehicle headlamps always is the most attractive part of the front face. This truth has been deeply implanted in our hearts after years of practice in the "tri-troika". For Chinese brands, it is a small step at the moment. The design has come a long way, and there are plenty of bright lights, such as the upcoming mustang T80, which is about to become the first Chinese brand SUV with all-led headlights. 
At present, the light source of car headlights mainly includes halogen, xenon and LED. Halogen lamps are the most common ones. More than 60% of the new cars on the market now use halogen lamps. The advantages are low cost of manufacturing and maintenance, easy to replace, and the disadvantages are obvious, and the brightness is not enough. As a former "advanced product", xenon headlamp used to be popular, the brightness and distance is its biggest advantage, once the car owners considered the necessary configuration. 
However, as a transition product, the disadvantage of xenon lamp is also very obvious: problems such as start-up delay and instantaneous strong current impact have also plagued the car owners. At the same time, the transmission effect of xenon lamp on rain and fog weather is not ideal, especially in foggy weather, the driver‘s eyes are basically white. 
With the development of industrial technology, LED lighting has become the trend of the future, now in the field of household lighting, LED lighting has become the mainstream, the reason is very simple, the LED light source with smaller power for better brightness, while a better lighting effect reduces the energy consumption, and have longer service life, fully staffed, so to speak. 
And in the field of automotive lighting, LED lamps at present also belongs to the "premium" products, see more at some luxury brand models, is in commonly 200000 yuan of less than car few equipped with LED lamps, even there are also basic is a top-of-the-line models will be equipped with, and not all LED lamps, only commonly used low beam light light source with LED light source. And if downwards see again, is in 150000 yuan range, it is almost a use LED lamps, vehicles rate high imports since need not wordy, and joint venture models and always regard configuration to win Chinese brand models, can also be difficult to find one. But this time, the mustang T80 broke the scene. 
In addition, the modelling design is also one of the advantages of large LED headlamp unit: due to its working principle and characteristics of large LED headlamp unit can make a lot of very beautiful shape, out of the design of the single and monotonous lighting effects. However, the traditional halogen lamps and xenon headlamps, due to their own limitations, are far less decorative than LED headlights. 
Now more and more car brands come to on the headlight, more and more new cars have started to use the LED headlamp unit, each big manufacturer also continuously introduce new models equipped with LED lamps, LED light source is auto lighting area expansion. 
But it surprised me that the mustang T80 would be equipped with full-led headlights in the 100,000 yuan range of SUV models. At this level, fully LED headlights are extremely rare. Neither H6, the god car, or baojun 560, which has won the price and configuration, are not equipped with LED headlights. And the popular RX5 is just a selection of LED headlights to add color to the model, and only the top matching model will be equipped with LED headlights. This is the first time that the whole system has been matched by the mustang T80.