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Better lighting for cars and safer night driving

Time:2017-07-29 Views:262
Reinvention of vehicle lighting technology. Well-known institutions of research both in combination with German learning alliance announced that after three and a half years of research and development, the alliance has been jointly developed the intelligent technology, the basis of high resolution LED car headlights and after field test validation. The alliance‘s leaders are Osram, while others include Daimler, Fraunhofer, Hella and Infineon. 
The project by the German federal ministry of education (BMBF), developed by the union of the two smart head lights display, include three LED light source, each have 1024 can be individually control light source, a display panel pixels, the lamp of the head lamp can cooperate with various traffic conditions in precise adjustment, ensure to provide the best lighting at any time, can also be in accordance with the road curve and adjust various possibilities, make the path of the vehicle around won‘t appear dark area. 
At the same time, the sensor assisted by car, the intelligence head lamp also can analyze the surrounding environment, adjust the lighting on to car status, allows the rider to more clearly see the traffic, and not according to the light to the vehicle driver‘s head, so as not to cause the other dazzling discomfort. As a result, drivers of the new steering headlights in the future will no longer have to dim the lights. 
To practice the technique, osram opto semiconductors, infineon, reliability, and integration of micro Buddha lang hoff association institute (IZM) developed an innovative LED chip, containing 1024 can be controlled individual pixels. Most of the adaptive headlights currently on the market are stacked side-by-side by multiple LED elements and require additional components to switch the switches of the various lighting segments. As the headlamp space is limited, the number of extents will also be limited. In the new design, the LED‘s electronic startup function is integrated into the chip, thus achieving higher resolution and meeting the requirements of limited space. 
The smart headlamp has been verified. By analyzing the information of traffic and weather conditions, and adjusting the lighting distribution dynamically according to the analysis results, the headlamp can set the most suitable lighting mode for various situations. For example, at high speeds, lighting will automatically increase; While driving in the city, it will be adjusted to a wider distribution of lighting, improving safety, not only lighting conditions, but also improving the lighting of sidewalks and surrounding areas. The smart headlamp will greatly increase the safety of night driving after the introduction of the smart headlights. 
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