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Why are LED lights more and more popular?

Time:2017-07-29 Views:257
When it comes to the car light group, there will be halogen lamps, xenon lights and LED lights in your mind. Now the use of LED lights is becoming more common, so what about LED lights? What are the advantages and disadvantages? Let me introduce to you. 
Why are LED lights more and more popular? 
The advantages of LED lights 
1. Long life. In general, tens of thousands or even tens of thousands of hours can be used, because leds are semiconductor components. Unlike incandescent bulbs, there is no glass, tungsten and other vulnerable moving parts. 
2. Energy conservation. LED illuminant does not need to filter color to be able to produce car lamps and lanterns directly to need the color of red, amber color, without loss, power utilization is up to 80% above. 
3. Green lighting source. In the LED spectrum, the monochromaticity is good, there is no redundant infrared, ultraviolet and other spectra, without mercury harmful substances, the heat and radiation are very few, belong to "green light source". 
Why are LED lights more and more popular? 
4. High luminous purity. The color is clear and bright, without the light cover filter, the light wave error is within 10 nanometer. 
5. Small volume. LED occupancy volume is small, the designer can change the lamp mode at will, make car modelling diversity. 
6. Light without delay. The light bulb responds fast, only 60 nanoseconds, especially suitable for the light source of car lamps. 
Why are LED lights more and more popular? 
7, good monochromaticity. The color saturation reaches 130% full color, making the lighting more clear and downy. 
8. Low pressure safety. LED, the first original used for electronics, requires a dc voltage of 12V to light up. 
9. Low brightness attenuation. The LED brightness is high, and the light intensity attenuation is much lower than halogen lamp, suitable for lighting, brake lights, turn signals and other warning lights. 
Why are LED lights more and more popular? 
Automobile LED lamp defect 
1. High cost. LED headlights are much more expensive than ordinary headlights, but with the development of technology, LED and other applications are becoming more and more common. 
2. Poor heat dissipation. The heat dissipation is not good, the heat dissipation is not easy to light up, which affects the life of the lamp. 
3. Unregulated management. The quality of LED lamp products is not guaranteed. 
4. Poor color rendering. Automobile led headlamp light bulb has the color sex difference, often appear a kind of dark yellow color, give a person the feeling is not very comfortable.